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Celtic Folktunes

  These treble clef tunes are suitable for fiddle, flute, trumpet, clarinet, or any other treble solo instrument.
  "Session" tunes are dance tunes; commonly, two or three tunes are linked in sequence, one after the other. These are tunes passed aurally from player to player over hundreds of years. The transcriptions are only interpretations of the tunes; many players embellish the tunes as they play. Any chords listed are only suggestions -- you may wish to alter the chords as you play. Note that most tunes follow the traditional "I-IV-V" chord model.
  You may also adjust the "tempo" of these tunes; many sound great when played quickly with spirit. Others are best when played slowly with feeling. Experiment and see what works for you. You can use the provided MIDI files to help you determine the proper tempo (many midi players let you adjust the speed).

Tunes 1-160    161-320   

Gan Ainm    midi
Untitled    midi
The Durrow    midi
The Swallows Nest    midi
Reaveys    midi
Condon's Frolics    midi
The Flags of Dublin    midi
Spike Island Lasses    midi
Waltz From Orsa    midi
Mimi and the New Generation    midi
Padrig O'Keeffes    midi
The Concert Reel    midi
The Mossy Banks    midi
Girl from the Big House    midi
Sunnyside    midi
Humors of Castlefin    midi
The Doon    midi
Untitled 2    midi
Hold the Reins    midi
Paddy Carty's    midi
Sweeney's Dream    midi
Lady on the Island    midi
Tie the Bonnet    midi
The Whistling Postman    midi
The Bantry Lasses    midi
Josie McDermotts    midi
Paddy Fahy's    midi
Banks of the Shannon    midi
The Porthole of Kep    midi
The Morning Thrush    midi
Bunch of Green Rushes    midi
The Eel in the Sink    midi
The Liffey Banks    midi
Paddy Lynn's Delight    midi
Sully's    midi
The Pride of Rathmore    midi
The Fox on the Prowl    midi
Bonnie Anne    midi
Jenny Picking Cockles    midi
McGoverns    midi
Gates of Mullagh    midi
The Rising Sun    midi
Handy with the Stick    midi
The Road to Durham    midi
When Sick is it Tea You Want    midi
Whelan's Old Sow    midi
Boy in the Boat    midi
McGettrick's    midi
Mulqueen's    midi
McGreevy's    midi
Sprt    midi
The Messenger    midi
Lamentation for the Fairies    midi
Katie Taylor    midi
McCarthy's    midi
Repeal of the Union    midi
Corny is Coming    midi
Enchanted Lady    midi
Devaney's Goat    midi
Aggie Whites    midi
The Black Haired Lass    midi
Delia Crowley's    midi
McDonagh's    midi
Finbarr Dwyers    midi
Pauline Connelly's    midi
The Hare's Paw    midi
The Fiar Haired Boy    midi
Lillies in the Field    midi
Toss the Feathers    midi
Mulvahills    midi
Cooleys    midi
Cronins    midi
Town Teine    midi
Ladies nd Choice    midi
Andy McGanns    midi
The Road to Lisdoonvarna    midi
The Old Concertina Reel    midi
Fisherman's Lilt    midi
The Burren    midi
O'Rourkes    midi
Lady McDonald    midi
Tinkers Daughter    midi
Knocknagow    midi
Traveller's Return    midi
The Mullingar Lea    midi
The Old Maids of Galway    midi
Lad O'Beirnes Favorite    midi
Eleanor Kanes    midi
Munster Bacon    midi
Maude Miller    midi
Whislter of Rosslea    midi
Miss Lyons    midi
Cedars of Lebanon    midi
Mystery Reel    midi
Finbar Curtins    midi
Luke Kellys    midi
Mike O'Connors    midi
Paddy Fahy's    midi
Nellie Your Favor I'm Afraid I'll Not Gain    midi
Lane to the Glen    midi
Flax in Bloom    midi
Trim the Velvet    midi
The Commodore    midi
Balleyket Castle    midi
Black Pat's    midi
Jim Donohues    midi
Three Scones of Boxty    midi
Miss Langord's    midi
Danny O'Donnells    midi
Miss McGuinness    midi
The Stoney Steps    midi
The King of the Clans    midi
The Antrim Rose    midi
The Old WOods of Limerick    midi
Staesia Donnelly's    midi
Henchy's Delight    midi
House of Hammill    midi
Blindman's Reel    midi
The Victory    midi
Youghal Quay    midi
Wexford Lasses    midi
Imelda Roland's    midi
Starry Road to Monaghan    midi
New Policeman    midi
John Carty's    midi
Feeding the Birds    midi
Gort Na Mona    midi
The Cocktail    midi
The Brown Coffin    midi
The Ravvelled Hank of Yarn    midi
The Holy Land    midi
Martin Wynnes    midi
Harvest Moon    midi
The Four Courts    midi
Maeve's    midi
The New Mown Meadow    midi
Follow Me Down    midi
Paddy O'Rafferty    midi
The Piper's Chair    midi
Queen of the Rushes    midi
Pile of Bricks    midi
Fox on the Town    midi
Larry's Favorite    midi
Sheila Coyles    midi
Grainnes    midi
Father O'Grady's Trip to Bocca    midi
Aherne's Egg    midi
Reel with the Burl    midi
Paddy Mills Fancy    midi
John Kellys College Groves    midi
McGettricks    midi
The Cap and Bell    midi
The Maids in the Meadow    midi
The Smiling Bride    midi
Road to Garrison    midi
Hughie's Cap    midi
Farewell to Gurteen    midi
Paddy Cronin's Beauty    midi
Devils of Dublin    midi