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Max Christian Friedrich Bruch (6 January 1838 . 2 October 1920), also known as Max Karl August Bruch, was a German Romantic composer and conductor who wrote over 200 works, including three violin concertos, the first of which has become a staple of the violin repertory.

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Four Pieces for Cello and Piano
Ave Mario (Piano and Cello)
Two Piano Pieces
Six Piano Pieces
Fantasy for 2 Pianos (Piano 1)
Fantasy for 2 Pianos (Piano 2)
Concerto for 2 Pianos (Andante-Allegro)
Concerto for 2 Pianos (Andante-Sostenuto)
Die Loreley
Adagio on Celtic Melodies (Cello and Piano)
Ave Mario (Cello and Piano)
Nine Lieder (9 songs)
Piano Trio (Piano Part)
Piano Trio (Cello part)
Piano Trio (Violin Part)
Romance in A Minor (Piano)
Romance in A Minor (Violin)
Romance (Viola and Orchestra)
Song of the Bell (Choral)
String Quartet No 1 (Op 9)
Swedish Dances (Piano and Violin)
Symphony No 1
Symphony No 2
Symphony No 3
Violin Concerto No 1
Violin Concerto No 2
Violin Concerto No 3 (piano)
Violin Concerto No 3 (violin)
Wiegenlied der Hirten
Ingeborg's Bridal Procession to King Ring
March, Solor and Chorus from Frithjof-Saga (Opus 23)
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