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  • Myriad My personal favorite for translations to standard notation (as in MIDI-to-standard), it not only does TAB, it does ABC, MIDI, WAV, and who knows what else. Real low-cost quality shareware from a group in France!
  • Schematic Connection Vintage and Hard to Find Schematics and Service Manuals
  • Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments Really neat! Images of historic musical instruments in the Edinburgh University collection. This page offers pictures, other links will bring you to a concise History of the Collection, an account of the Methods of Cataloguing and printed illustrations and also descriptions of the instruments.
  • Harmonica Home Lots of harmonica stuff -- including free lessons!
  • JUN MUSIC STUDIO The Greatest Source Files of Midi and Midi Karaoke
  • Worlds Away - The Musical Event Worlds Away is a whole new concept in theatrical production. This site is more than just an overview of the musical. It is a dialogue between you, the audience, and the musical's creator and production staff. From here you can submit audition tapes for parts in the cast, vote for your favorite audition entry, preview songs, participate in promotional activities, and more.
  • The Crank Organ How to build a simple monkey style crank organ using harmonica reeds.
  • Pentacostal Online Hymnal Nice collection of hymn lyrics, but also great instrument tutorials for Mandolin,``Bouzouki, Tenor Banjo, Fretted Dulcimer, ``Guitar, Bowed Psaltery, Bandurria , Ukulele, Fife, Penny Whistle, & 6-Hole Flute, and Pan Pipes. Different forms, how to play, fingering, sheet music and tablature.
  • The Scales Page Great discussion on the theory of scales!
  • Music Vision The world's first daily classical music magazine
  • Casa Musica Download demo copy of TimeSig 2000, software designed to help music teachers. Helps with "Scheduling lessons, groups, and performance events, tracking financial data, keeping progress notes, preparing statements are just a few of these cumbersome jobs associated with teaching music."
  • International Society for Music Education Serving music educators and promoting music education world-wide
  • Transposer A neat cut out tool to help you transpose music between different keys.
  • - Music With Meaning Sheet music for thousands of songs available for download. You can even order sheet music in any key. Find the songs you are looking for.
  • My Music Index "...a quick-reference, informational music resource consisting of a collection of related music links. This web site was specifically designed for music educators, students and others interested in accessing information in the areas of music education, specifically, choral music, general music, and instrumental music."
  • MP3 software and tutorials for CD ripping, MP3 converting, audio mixing and burning MP3s to CD.
  • Ukulele Lessons Basic lessons on finding, buying, and playing a uke.
  • Pythagorean Tuning Covers the system of tuning in perfect fifths commonly known as "Pythagorean intonation," its interaction with the stylistic traits of medieval polyphony, and its relationship to other systems of tuning.
  • Baroque Ornamentation Discusses baroque ornamentations and embellishments -- and how to create your own!
  • A.D.A.M. Music School We offers free online music lessons for beginners (piano, flute,``recorder, saxophone, guitar, clarinet), sheet music, teachers``informations, humour
  • MusicHelp Provides help and information``to support many musical activities which I use in the classroom.
  • Entertainment Database Complete Music Industry Contacts Online
  • Nigel Gatherer's ABC Collection How about NINE (free) books full of ABC tunes! Varied ABC tunes including Scottish Tunes, Shetland Tunes, American Tunes, Irish Tunes, and Miscellaneous Tunes.
  • Music Education at Data Dragon Learn how to read and count music notation, see and hear musical instruments, and learn about musical genres.
  • Free Music Promotion The is a guerrilla music marketing and promotion ezine for the working musician. Because your musical success depends on how you market your music. Featuring: music websites you can't do without, thought-provoking stories on how to make your music career skyrocket, music cartoons, music classifieds, and music news you can use, plus, articles from top music industry professionals.

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