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  • Turlough O'Carolan Page devoted to the famous folk musician.
  • acoustic music ,dominique riviere Celtic guitar and bouzouki.tablatures"pdf""tef" mp3,video clips.
  • Peter Bird. Words and Music celtic influences in a variety of original and modified pieces for guitar. Incl. midi and guitar pro tabs
  • Scottish Fiddle Tunes Nice collection of Scottish Fiddle/Violin tunes in standard notation and also in audio files (Great to help you play along with the notation!) Nice collection, nicely done!
  • The Sessioneer Lots of Celtic tunes (Jigs, Reels, etc) -- including tinwhistle! Standard notation, so nice for guitar, mandolin, or violin/fiddle!
  • Joseph Mitchell's ballad opera "The music from Joseph Mitchell's ballad opera of 1731, The Highland Fair. This is a little-known and never-reprinted work, the earliest or one of the earliest sources of many Scots tunes, in simple and folk-like versions."
  • Sixteen Highland Dance Tunes More ABC tunes from an early 19th century collection by Alexander McKay.
  • John Sherman's Celtic Guitar Page Celtic fingerstylist John Sherman has had 20 of his pieces in D A D G A D transcribed into tablature and standard notation.
  • Ceud Mile Failte BAGPIPES..MIDIS ~ and in process of adding Sheet Music on this page of Gladys' Celtic Corner website
  • Free Celtic Music from the Brobdingnagian Bards The Original Celtic Renaissance with dozens of Free MP3 Downloads, and fun Celtic songs. One of the Top 30 most listened to bands on
  • Gentraige - The Pub Scout's Celtic Music Link "Merrily Kiss the Quaker", an Irish Jig!
  • The Scottish Mandolin "These pages contain all sorts of things which will be of interest to the mandolin player, from playing techniques and tunes to maintenance instructions, musician biogs and links to other mandolin sites around the web."
  • The Scottish Session Ready to sit in on Scottish session playing? Learn session etiquette, check out tabs and standard notation of necessary tunes, learn the way it works!
  • Nigel Gatherer's ABC Collection How about NINE (free) books full of ABC tunes! Varied ABC tunes including Scottish Tunes, Shetland Tunes, American Tunes, Irish Tunes, and Miscellaneous Tunes.
  • The Celtic Fringe "Welcome to Celtic Fringe a website which i hope to cater for the needs of pipers,drummers and dancers from around the world." Links, dancing, MP3's, downloads, bands and solists, and a Tune of the Day!
  • Hetzler's Fakebook I have posted over 300 pieces of public domain sheet music on my site in both GIF and PDF format. These “Old Time” and Celtic fiddle tunes are free for download.``Sheet music can be found under the sheet music tab or the learn tunes tab on the navigation menu.
  • Michigan Music We have a free tune of the Day, plus Gutiar Chords, Ukulele Chords, Scales for Several instruments, Manuscript paper, Glossary of musical terms, music jokes and music quotations.
  • Breizh Partitions Hundreds of free Celtic scores for several instruments such as bagpipe, fiddle, flute, guitar, piano, etc.
  • The Session - Traditional Irish Music "The exchange of tunes is what keeps traditional Irish music alive. This website is one way of passing on jigs, reels and other dance tunes.````Some of the tunes are well known, and some are more obscure. It's this mixture of the familiar and the new that makes for a good session." Very nicely done, both sheet music, ABC notation, AND discussion of the tune.
  • Breton Songs This Web site is dedicated to these songs in Breton language, sung in the old days in Brittany, in the West of France. You will find the words in Breton and the score, sometimes a French translation and the subject (in French only, sorry). You can also listen to the tune, provided through a MIDI recording.
  • Celtic ViolinWorks Attractive and very playable arrangements of Celtic Music for Violins, optional Viola, Cello, Flutes (or pennywhistle) and ad. lib. Keyboard/Bass. FREE violin parts. FREE mp3's. FREE cover sheets with history and performance tips. Also: Classical, Folk, Ragtime/tango/jazz arrangements. Suitable for performances, receptions and high school groups. FREE Warm-ups, tips on Bowing and Fingering. Also: Fiddle section.
  • TuneFull Collection of original Celtic type tunes (Jigs, Hornpipes, Strathspeys, etc).
  • Breizh Partitions - Free Celtic Music Scores The free Celtic music scores website - standard notation, abc, and midi scores for Accordion, Bombard, Bagpipe, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Fiddle, and others.
  • Abacci.Com - Irish Music, Celtic Tunes, and Folk Melodies Free scores of popular traditional music, along with a discography and bibliography for each.````Also a collection of tablature for the tin whistle, blues harp, mandolin and guitar. Plus a set of pages on the bass clef for cello players.
  • Whistle and Drum Not a free music site -- but still a nice resource. Whistle & Drum is a great Tin Whistle and Bodhran Shop.

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